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Why Chefs to Your Door? Because you deserve it!
You’re on your way home from the office, hungry and tired. Running through your mind you wonder…frozen tonight…pizza? I don’t feel like going out; I don’t even feel like going to the grocery store. There is another option that more and more people are taking advantage of: a Personal Chef.
Together you and your Personal Chef will plan your weekly menu or perhaps a romantic dinner, or even a party or event, and your personal chef will bring it all together for you.
Personal Chef Services—singles, couples and families can enjoy gourmet meals or family favorites prepared and served in the comfort of their own home. Schedule, dietary requirements and menus are designed with you.
Personal Chef Party and Event Services—Discussions and decisions on theme and food will be worked on together, and then your Personal Chef takes over and makes all the party or event arrangements and food for you. You get to enjoy your party or event just as much as your guests.
Personal Cupid—Romantic Packages that take work out of love. Imagine an intimate romantic dinner, with wonderful wine, candles, flowers?ithout the cooking, the shopping, the planning, the hassles...just the fun in the comfort of your own home.
When you are ready, we will work together with you to meet your personal requirements
All of our products and services may be purchased as a gift certificate. Please be aware that all gift certificates expire 6 months from date of purchase.
Deborah Collings