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Personal Chef Services:
Too tired, too busy to bother with anything but a quick dinner? It happens to all of us, but now with the assistance of a Personal Chef you will be dining on wonderful, wholesome, nutritious meals. The meals are designed personally and specifically for you or your family. Close attention will be paid to all of your culinary likes and dislikes as well as any dietary requirements. We can create your menu together with you or, if you prefer, your Personal Chef will create your menu for your approval. Thatís it, thatís all thatís required on your end. Your Personal Chef will take care of the rest of the work.
Once your menu has been established, your Personal Chef will take care of the shopping, preparation, cooking, and storage and heating instructions for you. If you have a grocery store preference, your Personal Chef will be happy to shop where you prefer. We do your shopping first thing in the morning, ensuring the freshest vegetables and meats. Your Personal Chef will then arrive at your home at the designated time and prepare your meals. Keep in mind that your Personal Chef is being employed by you for your complete satisfaction, so you can choose whatever type of meal you prefer. From favorites to exotics, from Grandmaís meatballs and pasta to Steak au Poivre. The skyís the limit when designing your meals. Compromising your meals is a thing of the past now that you have a Personal Chef.
Whether you prefer momís type of cooking or youíre a vegetarian or you require a special diet like Atkins, your Personal Chef can adapt to your culinary needs. What this boils down to is that you will be eating delicious meals with out the worry of straying from your personal preferences or dietary requirements. It is your Personal Chefís obligation to you, the client, to fulfill all your dietary needs, desires and requests. Perhaps you saw an interesting recipe that youíve been dying to try? Your Personal Chef will be happy to make it for you. The end result is we have used little of your precious time and you are getting maximum culinary pleasure in the comfort of your own home.