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Personal Chef Cupid Service
This is the Crème de la Crème of our services. Your Personal Chef will set the stage for a wonderful, romantic dinner for you and your sweetheart. This one on one, special dinner will be an evening you and your sweetheart will remember for a long, long time. So soft and romantic, low lighting, beautiful flowers, quiet music in the background, candles flickering around the room - the setting is powerful as it is in the privacy and comfort of you very own home.
Your senses will be on fire from the mood surrounding the two of you, as well as the fragrance of a gourmet meal waiting for you. Appetizers and Champagne or your choice of beverage will be awaiting your culinary pleasure as you relax before dinner, perhaps in front of a roaring fireplace. Your Personal Chef can either serve dinner to you or leave it prepared in chafing dishes so you can serve your sweetheart and yourself.
This service will come in handy so often - anniversaries, birthdays, promotions, Valentines Day, the list goes on and on. Your dinner can be as simple or exotic as you desire. You could have a picnic in the living room during a football game or pop the big question during desert. This is more than just a night out together: this is a night in together.